Better sleep with AtlasPROfilax®? Yes!

136 patients were inquired on their sleep disorders prior to and after the AtlasPROfilax® method. The statistics showed that 89% of the patients…

AtlasPROfilax® as migraine treatment

Don’t let migraines stop you from achieving what you want. We can help you. Learn more about the AtlasPROfilax® method at: https://www.atlasprofilax.c…

AtlasPROfilax® – for anyone with neck problems

Our massage technique suits anyone with neck pain. Let us help you towards an active lifestyle.

AtlasPROfilax® – for anyone who wants more mobility

We use a specific massage to release tension in the short neck muscles. This often leads to an appreciated increase of mobility in the neck. Contact…

Studies done on the AtlasPROfilax® treatment

At our website you can find a growing list of studies done on AtlasPROfilax® and its effectiveness:…

AtlasPROfilax® for elite archery athletes - a case study

Evidence suggests that the AtlasPROfilax® intervention on the suboccipital myofascia may have a positive impact on enhancing balance and performance…

Review of the AtlasPROfilax® method

Chiropractor Dr. Carpenos from Connecticut (USA) is talking about his experience with the AtlasPROfilax® method and its benefits. Watch the video at:

AtlasPROfilax® and neck trauma

Sometimes a trauma to the neck can cause long lasting imbalances in the short neck muscles. We can help you evaluate if an AtlasPROfilax® treatment…

Start the year strong - with AtlasPROfilax®

Start the year strong - by treating your neck problems first. Book your first AtlasPROfilax® appointment today!

AtlasPROfilax® wishes you all a Happy New Year!

2024 is around the corner and we just want to thank every customer and wish you all a Happy New - painfree - Year!

Merry Christmas, from AtlasPROfilax®

From AtlasPROfilax® we want to wish all of our customers and practitioners a Merry Christmas!

An AtlasPROfilax® treatment as the last minute Christmas gift

Now is the time to unwind and relax. If you need a last minute Christmas gift, a gift card to an AtlasPROfilax® treatment could keep the stress away!