Relaxed or in pain?

Everyone deserves to feel relaxed.

Trigger points

Our clients report a significant reduction of trigger points in the upper body

It all starts with a good posture!

A good posture lessens the pressure in the neck and spine.

Client Feedback: Fibromylagia

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What's included?

We always make a follow-up appointment. And, it's included in the price!!!

The Atlas-vertebra

The first cervical vertebra (atlas) is part of the atlanto-occipital joint (C0-C1).

What is AtlasPROfilax®?

The science behind the method.

Results after the treatment

We have several studies presenting the results of the AtlasPROfilax® treatment.

Did you know?

The first appointment has a lot of important parts included!

Chronic Pain?

96% of patients with fibromyalgia-related pain disorders show improvement after the application of AtlasPROfilax®

Extra Bonus!

Did you know?

International Yoga Day

June 21st is the International Yoga Day.